Desert step 3 - flexible modules

flexible modules - desert technology

A poly­mer film en­cases the sil­i­con cells on the front and back sides and makes JW Flex ca­pa­ble of move­ment in all di­rec­tions.  These mod­ules, in fact, may be placed on round sur­faces. More­over, they are ultra light-weight. Par­tic­u­larly in the case of an­gu­lar in­ci­dence of sun­light, flex­i­ble mod­ules de­liver a high yield. This is at­trib­ut­able to the spher­i­cal arrange­ment of the sil­i­con.

J.v.G. has al­ready ap­plied for dif­fer­ent patents with re­spect to this tech­nol­ogy. The mod­ule is as easy to in­stall as JW Flex is di­verse in its ap­pli­ca­tion: They are sus­pended at eye­lets or fas­tened with screws to the sub­sur­face.


The ben­e­fits

  • High temperature up to 125 degrees continuous, 145 degrees peak 
  • Long life, up to 75 years, guaranteed 45 years
  • 100 % recyclable
  • High level of efficiency (10 %)
  • Unmatched response in the shade 
  • Flexible
  • Almost unbreakable!
  • Ideal for special applications, BIPV 
  • Absolutely flexible in all directions 
  • Ultra light-weight (approx. 3 kg/m2) 
  • Extremely heat-resistant
  • No sub-construction necessary
  • Possible in different sizes (A3, A4 and A1)
  • Very high yield particularly with angular incidence of sunlight 
  • Maximum energy output and high annual energy yield


Module technology - desert step 3